Motorcycle Insurance Tips to Get Ready for Summer Riding

Summer is here and that means it’s time for more riders to hit the road on their motorcycles and bikes. It also means it’s time to review and update your bike, safety gear and motorcycle insurance before driving off into the sunset.

To ensure your summer is as safe as it is enjoyable, here are some tips for getting your bike and yourself ready for the open road.

Ensure a Safe Ride & Save on Motorcycle Insurance

Get Your Motorcycle Road Ready

Once you remove your motorcycle from storage, it’s time to review the owners manual and inspect the bike.

  1. Replace Spark Plugs, Coolant and Engine Oil
    Spark plugs can often corrode in storage, so it’s a good time to replace those. And it’s a great time to change your oil and perform an annual flush of your coolant, transmission fluid and engine oil. Be sure to check for cracks in all hoses and replace them if needed.
  2. Replace Filters & Check the Fuel System
    Replace your air and fuel filters. Then, examine the fuel tank, fuel lines and fittings for cracks and leaks. And consider using a fuel cleaning the first few times you fill up.
  3. Inspect Your Bike’s Body and Suspension
    Look over the bike and check the handlebars, cable connections and frame for hairline cracks around the engine and transmission brackets. Tighten all nuts, bolts and mounting brackets, adjust the forks, grease the side stand and lube all bearings. Finally, check your rear shocks and fender mounting hardware.
  4. Check the Battery, Brakes, Tires and Chains
    Clean, charge and reconnect your battery – replace fuses if necessary. Check brake pads, discs and cables for cracks. Flush and replace brake fluid. Check tire tread and pressure. And adjust your chain slack.
  5. Inspect Additional Gear
    Inspect the turn signals, brake lights, tail lights and headlight — including high and low beams. Clean and adjust the mirrors. Inspect any electronic gauges, radios or special gadgets. And check the integrity of sidecars or storage packs.

After you have checked all the mechanical components, it’s time to take some personal safety precautions.

Get Yourself Ready to Ride

When riding a motorcycle it is always important to wear the proper gear, such as a good helmet, eye and face protection, protective clothing, and proper motorcycle insurance.

  1. Protective Clothing
    Motorcycle accidents can be extremely dangerous. Long sleeve shirts and protective leather or synthetic materials can take a lot of abrasive force. Good protective clothing is important, and even though it may be hot this summer, it’s more important to keep your body safe on the road.
  2. Proper Helmets
    Wear a Helmet! Even if you are riding through a state where it isn’t required.
  3. Bright Colored Safety Gear
    Consider wearing bright colors or reflective safety gear when you ride. This is a great way to help drivers see on the road.
  4. Take a Class
    Consider taking a class from an organization such as the Motorcycle Rider’s Safety Foundation. Not only could it help save on motorcycle insurance, but it will help your motorcycle endorsement carry over to any other state.

Check Your Motorcycle Insurance Coverage

After making all the routine checks listed above, check your insurance policy and review your coverage to make sure it meets your current needs. Be sure to notify your agent if you have added any custom parts or equipment, as these pieces may need additional coverage or may help bring you a discount. And be sure you know how to report a claim to your insurance company before taking off on a long road trip. This will prevent any delays in the future.

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