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Boat & Personal Watercraft Insurance

Sit Back, Relax and Set Sail with Peace of Mind

The day you bought your boat was a dream come true. Unfortunately, accidents happen – even on the water – so get protection for yourself and your passengers with a specialized Boat Insurance policy covering your boat or personal watercraft against accidents, damage or potential loss.

Boat & Personal Watercraft Insrurance

  • Collision Coverage for repairs to your insured after an accident
  • Comprehensive Coverage for repairs as a result of random damage (i.e. hail, rocks, vandalism, fire, etc.), theft or larceny
  • Liability Coverage for bodily injury and property damage for which you are legally responsible
  • Medical Coverage for bodily injury caused by an accident
  • Uninsured or Under-insured Boater Coverage will cover you in the event that you or your family members that reside with you are injured or your property is damaged due to a boat driver that has a liability limit less
  • Towing Coverage for on-water towing or labor to operate your watercraft when it is disabled *Additional Coverage Options
  • Property & Fishing Equipment Coverage for replacement of stolen or lost personal effects
  • Pet Injury Coverage if you take your furry friends on board