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Remodeling? Ensure You and Your Contractors Have Proper Insurance Coverage

August 8, 2013


Are you planning to remodel your kitchen, create outdoor entertainment space or add on an extra bedroom to your home? For all the money homeowners spend on maintaining their property and expanding their equity, few pay attention to the insurance protections they need during a home remodel. Any improvement you make to your property may […]

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Adding a Teen Driver To Your Auto Insurance Policy

July 11, 2013


Every teenager dreams of the day they earn their drivers license – this rite of passage spells freedom for teens, but it also spells anxiety for parents. Not only will they spend time worrying about safety of these new and impressionable drivers, but parents now have the responsibility of insuring their teenager through the family […]

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Protecting Your Home-Based Business

June 27, 2013


Do You Have the Proper Insurance for Your In-Home Business? If you operate a business or work primarily from your home and/or visit clients at their homes, you may need additional insurance protection to safeguard against theft, damages, liability and other risk your homeowners or auto insurance policy fail to protect.  A homeowners policy does […]

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Protecting Your Assets Beyond a Homeowner’s Insurance Policy

June 20, 2013


How many high-value assets are in your home? TVs, Laptops, priceless heirlooms and jewelry – many of us probably don’t think about it until disaster strikes and our precious assets are stolen or damaged. Even if you have a standard homeowners or renters insurance policy, only some high-priced items in your home are covered and […]

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Motorcycle Insurance Tips to Get Ready for Summer Riding

June 13, 2013


Summer is here and that means it’s time for more riders to hit the road on their motorcycles and bikes. It also means it’s time to review and update your bike, safety gear and motorcycle insurance before driving off into the sunset. To ensure your summer is as safe as it is enjoyable, here are […]

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